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The 3 Hidden Risks of Tiles and Grouting You Need to Know

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Published: 06/03/2017

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If you were to take a walk through any one of the many Gold Coast homes, you’d no doubt notice a few recurring items: Surfboards in the Garage, a barbeque out back and tiles on the floor.

Tiles are an essential feature in many Gold Coast homes due their handy ability to cool down a room. Yes, summer on the Gold Coast would be pretty much unbearable without them.

Book a tile and grout cleaner gold coast

But, there are a few things you need to know when it comes to the tile and grout flooring in your home. These things may seem minor at first, but if not taken care of, these problems can build and build to a costly point of no return.

5 tips for cleaning your tile floor

Let’s shed a little light on 3 of the most common and problematic concerns for Gold Coast homeowners today.

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1. Nasty Bacterial Build Up in the Grouting

As you may know, tile grouting is a paste like substance used to fill the gaps between each of your tiles.

Tile grout is porous, meaning it absorbs liquids and bacteria from its environment.

Normal household cleaning products cannot reach deep enough and, over time, mould will begin to develop and fester in the grouting.

The humidity of the Gold Coast’s subtropical climate transforms your grouting into a breeding ground for many pathogenic bacteria including:

  • Staphylococcus
  • Salmonella
  • Streptococcus
  • Coli

These nasty bacteria have been found to cause infection, respiratory problems, nausea and much more.

2. Damage Caused by the Cleaning Too Aggressively

We’ve all done it; let that stain sit on the tiles for a little too long, thinking “I’ll get to it later.” Only when you go to wipe it up it appears to be locked in tight. You go to your cleaning cabinet and pull out the steel wool and the hard chemicals to get the job done.


Even though your tiles look strong and can bear the brunt of your furniture and stomping footsteps all day long, they are in fact very delicate. Hard scrubbing and harsh chemicals can damage the lining of your tiles, causing them to lose their appeal, diminishing their life span and making them vulnerable to damage.

3. Deteriorated Tile and Grouting Decreases the Value of Your Home

Chips in the paint, holes in the wall and bad odours really drive down the value of your home – mouldy grouting and worn down tiles are no different.

The only thing running through a potential buyer’s mind, as they see the dark mould forming between your tiles, is how much they’ll be out of pocket to fix the problem.

Being proactive with the maintenance of your flooring, and having them professionally cleaned a couple times a year, will help preserve the durability and safety of your delicate – yet expensive – tile flooring.

Book a tile and grout cleaner gold coast