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5 Pest Control Prevention Tips

Licensed Pest Control and Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

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Published: 11/09/2016

Pests are more than just annoying. They make our homes dirty and are harbingers of deadly bacteria that, in certain cases, are life-threatening. And don’t be fooled by their size. One bite from an Aedes mosquito can cause dengue fever, which in 2010 claimed the lives of nearly 50 million people worldwide. A bite from a tick can cause Lyme disease, which can be fatal and often misdiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to fever.

5 pest control prevention tips

And these are just the airborne pests that invade our homes. Pest infestations may involve land-crawling insects like cockroaches and vermin such as rats. These are common, everyday pests that will invade any home regardless of social stature. Of course, these pests infiltrate places that they perceive have the conditions to support life.

You have to remain vigilant in keeping them off your property. Here are five pest control tips you can implement in your home:

1. Keep your house clean and dry

Where there is water, there is life. Insects breed in any environment that provides water. And they don’t need much. Empty containers, rubber tires and unused clay pots that have accumulated water from rain are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The number one rule to control the infestation of mosquitoes is to clear your home of standing water.

Of course, food is another attraction for pests and rodents. After dinner, make sure all food debris is swept and mopped off the floor and countertops. In your kitchen, have a separate garbage bin to store food waste. The lid has to be tightly sealed at all times. The restaurant rule, “clean as you go,” should also be applied in your home. Family members must clean their plates, glasses and utensils and pick up debris on the floor after they have eaten.

Keep track of the garbage collection schedule in your area and follow it consistently. The more often you remove the garbage, the fewer reasons pests have to stay at your home.

2. Limit access to your house

Routinely check your home for cracks, busted screen doors and leaks. If there are damaged baseboards, cupboards, pipes, sinks and toilets, apply silicone caulk to seal potential entry points. Cover screens with plaster. If screens have holes, then buy replacement screens immediately. Open cracks must be sealed immediately. It only takes a hole the size of a dime for a mouse to squeeze through and get inside your home.

As much as we love our pets, the most ideal place for them is outside the house. No matter how often you clean them, pets are natural nesting grounds for pests such as fleas and ticks. They also track dirt, bacteria and fecal matter indoors.

Keep all shoes outside the living areas and discard all used clothing when you get home. Shoes and clothing bring in dust mites, which find cultivate their population in your carpet, mattress, upholstery, pillows and blankets. These dust mites excrete fragments that become airborne allergens.

3. Defend your home!

No matter how stringent you are with your pest control measures, invaders are bound to find their way inside. Thus, always remain vigilant and set your interior perimeter defence. As they say, the best offence is a strong defence!

Boric acid. This substance slowly kills ants, cockroaches and other insects that can get through cracks and crevices.
Bait boxes. Popularly known as “roach motels”, these harmless-looking boxes are successful in trapping and killing roaches and are usually located in the kitchen.

Chalk, pesticide gel and pellets. Effective for roaches and rats. Death takes time, and both vermin and pests often die in the company of family and friends.

Traps. In addition to the mouse trap, glue traps are effective in luring and trapping mice, roaches and flies. Here’s a valuable tip: Mice can’t seem to resist peanut butter, and cockroaches take nicely to rice.

Of course, you can always use pesticide spray, and there are many types available in the market. Make sure to conduct spraying when children and elderly are not in the house.

4. Conduct regular preventive maintenance

In addition to your Do-it-Yourself Pest Control approach, conduct a preventive maintenance checkup of your home every six months. You can hire an experienced electrical company, an electrician or a contractor to assist you in assessing the overall condition of your home.

An electrician is particularly important when it comes to evaluating the status of your wiring and electrical sockets. This is an area of home repair that you should not do yourself. Lighting fixtures, for example, are breeding grounds for insects. Not only can the electrician clear these for you, but they can check on the wiring conditions as well.

5. Hire the professionals

Lastly, use professional pest control services in Gold Coast. If you want long-term results, you must use the right equipment and hire the best people for the job. Not only can the professionals eliminate the vast majority of the pest population, they can advise you on the best strategies to keep pests away from your home,

You just have to make sure that any pest control schedule you implement has been cleared with your village or apartment association. Your neighbours will also have to be advised because pest control will result in these pests transferring residences.

Pest control should be a daily activity. Keeping our home clean, especially in high-activity areas like the kitchen, can be tedious, but these efforts ensure the health and safety of everyone under the same roof.

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