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How A Clean House Can Improve Your Life And Health

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Published: 02/08/2016

After a long, stressful day at work or school, our thoughts race to the best place to find solace and comfort: our home. Superman calls his home, “The Fortress of Solitude”. Although we’re not faster than a speeding bullet, we do find great solitude in our own homes.

But without knowing it, we’ve been unwittingly turning our Fortress of Solitude into a cesspool of bacteria, contamination and triggers of stress. Instead of cultivating an environment for comfort, safety and well- being, we could be exposing ourselves and those we love to more dangerous conditions.

How a clean house can improve your life and health

Here are five reasons how a clean house can improve your life and health:

1. Eliminates allergens

We don’t see them but trust that these unwanted, disease- causing contaminants are there. Allergens are air- borne particles that when inhaled affects our immune system. There are many sources of allergens:

  • Dust mites.
  • These are invisible insects that nestle underneath your mattress and feed on your dead skin. Their excretions are converted to allergens.
  • Molds and mildew
  • These are caused by moisture build up in areas which are not well- ventilated. Molds emit spores which become air- borne can have the potential to become toxic and in some cases, parasitic.
  • Pet hair
  • Animals shed a large volume of hair every day. Many people are allergic to pet hair.
  • Pollen
  • These are emitted from trees, grass and plants and can lead to hay fever.
  • Frequent vacuuming; three to four days a week and dusting can control the amount of allergens in the air.

2. Lowers risk of contamination

The busiest area in the house is the kitchen. Mishandling of raw food and unsound cleaning practices can lease to cross contamination.

Blood that drips on the floor can be transported from one room to another. Animal blood carries different types of dangerous bacteria such as e.coli and campylobacter.

Counter- tops that have not been properly cleaned and sterilized can also contaminate other food or be transferred to other areas in the house.

In the kitchen, the Golden Rule is “clean as you go”. Make sure all used utensils, chopping boards and knives are in the dishwasher or cleaned with hot water and anti- bacterial solution.

Counter- tops must be wiped clean and sprayed with anti- bacterial solution after use. Kitchen floors must be regularly mopped and sprayed with anti- bacterial solution before closing up.

3. Decreases stress levels

No one wants to wake up or come home to a house with so much clutter, unfinished projects and dirt.

According to a study by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin homes that were disorganized and unkempt increased cortisol levels in women. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

Stress leads to many disorders such as headaches, elevated blood pressure, upset stomach, various skin conditions and migraines. Overtime, unmitigated stress can lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Prolonged stress also leads to premature aging. Cortisol cannibalizes muscle protein. Decreased muscle protein can lead to a drop in testosterone levels which will result in sagging and dry skin, falling hair and reduced metabolism.

4. Helps keep you fit

A study in the Psychological Journal found that people who worked in a clean and organized environment were more likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar.

Again the culprit is stress. Clutter has been proven to be stressful for the human brain. The natural course of action is to cope with the stress by looking for sources that bring comfort.

Food has always been regarded as an effective coping mechanism. Hence, the term “comfort food” has been associated with notoriously unhealthy choices. These include pizza, ice cream, French fries, chips and the ubiquitous chocolate bar.

5. Improves quality of sleep

The studies supporting the importance of getting enough sleep are overwhelming. Lack of sleep can lead to several health maladies such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Heart rate irregularity
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Decreases cognition
  • Diminished libido
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

Doctors recommend getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. Taking intermittent power naps will help you recover but these will not overcome the damage from lack of sleep.

Sleeping in a clean home improves the quality of sleep in a number of ways:

You breathe better without the allergens
Less stressful surroundings lead to a relaxed state of mind
Better comfort means better sleep

It’s easy to keep the bedroom clean and tidy. Before going to sleep, pack away as much clutter as you can. Make it a daily habit to fix the bed upon waking up or before you leave the premises.

A clean house isn’t just a wonderful thing to go home to. It also keeps us healthy and improves the quality of our life.

In ways, your home is a metaphor for your life. It houses your memories and how you treat it will reflect how you treat yourself. Ready to clean your carpets, tiles and get rid of pests? Contact our carpet cleaners experts located in Gold Coast and get your free quote now.