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How to Clean a Mattress – Tips From Professional Cleaners

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Published: 05/08/2016

After a long, hard day at work or at school nothing feels more welcoming than plopping onto a firm, warm and cushy mattress.

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How to clean a mattress - tips from professional cleaners gold coast

But before the mattress lulls you into slumber, be aware that you are not alone in your private moment. Underneath your firm, warm and cushy mattress lurks hundreds and thousands of unwanted bed mates; the dreaded dust mites.

If you’re serious of keeping your house free of health hazards, you should always schedule professional mattress cleaning.  We provide professional mattress cleaning Gold Coast wide.

An average sized mattress can house between 100,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites. These invisible creatures eat dead skin fragments that fall off us unto the mattress. When they defecate, these fragments become allergens which compromise our immune system especially very young children and the elderly.

And it’s not just the dust mites you have to worry about. We spend at least seven hours a day lying down on the mattress. How many bother to change clothes and take a shower before plopping onto the bed after a long, hard day at work or school?

Sweat, dirt, dust and other unwanted fragments could be passed from your body or clothes and onto the mattress. Unattended, these will result in stains and odours that overtime will be hard to remove.

And let’s not forget the ubiquitous pet that often climbs on the bed to sleep or nibble on the snacks you’ve brought along. Pets carry fleas, ticks and other bacteria that they track from the outdoors. You may not even be aware of the possible discharges your pet makes in the middle of the night!

Now that we’ve established how exposed to bacteria, dirt and grime your mattress is, it’s time why you need to have mattress cleaning a Gold Coast priority. In fact, not just mattress cleaning in the Gold Coast but professional mattress cleaning in the Gold Coast!

Here are a few mattress cleaning tips from the Gold Coast mattress cleaning professionals:

1. Refresh before vacuuming

Homeowners are quick to use the vacuum on the mattress thinking this would eliminate all the dust, dirt, grime and odours right away. Vacuuming will work to a certain degree and to enhance its effectiveness you should refresh or deodorise the mattress first.

Inside a glass jar, pour one cup of baking soda then add five drops of lavender oil. Close the jar and shake vigorously. Pour the mixture onto a sieve and sprinkle onto all areas; every nook and cranny of the mattress. Leave the mixture for one hour. This will draw out all dead skin fragments, odours, moisture and other filth.

After one hour, you can finally vacuum the mattress. Make sure to get all of the baking soda mixture off the mattress. Flip the mattress and repeat the entire process.

2. Urine stains

It may not be your pet who is the culprit. It could be your youngest son or sibling that had bladder issues. Either way, urine can cause hard-to-remove stains, odours and carry bacteria.

If your mattress has a urine stain, the first thing you need to do is to ensure there is no more wetness. You can do this by placing paper towels or a cloth towel on top of the stain and applying gentle pressure.

Once you are assured the stain is dry, spray an enzymatic cleanser. You can buy this at any pet store. It is not just an effective mixture for removing urine stains but also sanitises the area.

Blot the area with the enzymatic cleaner with paper towels until it is dry to the touch. Once it is dry, sprinkle baking soda which acts to remove stubborn odours and moisture. Leave the baking soda overnight then vacuum the following day.

3. Mould and Mildew

Unless the growth of mould and mildew is not deep enough or covered nearly 50% of the mattress, you can still salvage it with a simple procedure.

Take the mattress out of your home and use a garage vacuum to clean it out. Make sure you are wearing a protective mask with goggles all throughout the vacuuming procedure. Once you are done, leave the mattress out under the sun for the rest of the day.

You may repeat the process the following day but it is advisable to bring it in before sunset. Otherwise, moisture will set in your mattress.

The most effective way to clean mould and mildew would be to use a steam cleaner right after your vacuum. This equipment combines hot water and industrial strength cleansers to create a powerful steaming effect. The steam cleaner then blasts the steam into the mattress.

This kills mould and mildew, dust mites and sanitises the mattress as well.

These are three quick and easy mattress cleaning tips from the Gold Coast carpet cleaning professionals.

While it is a good idea to implement regular cleaning procedures, nothing beats getting the professionals do the job.

If you want to know how the professionals can turn your beautiful home into a haven of health, feel free to inquire about our mattress cleaning Gold Coast wide.