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How Professional Office Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Your Office Space

Licensed Pest Control and Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

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Published: 17/03/2017

Office carpet cleaning is an often overlooked insight in first impressions, but is a feature that’s instantly noticeable to clients when neglected.

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Let’s face it, appearances ARE important for a business, and how it is perceived can either make you or break you.

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Whether you’re an owner, or a manager, your business’s reputation relies heavily on its appearance.

A spotless workplace will not only delight your clients, it will also create an environment your employees are proud to work in.

Below we have listed just 4 of the ways having your office professionally cleaned will benefit you and the future of your business.

4 Ways Professional Office Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Your Business

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  1. A Clean Office Guarantees Productivity to Sky Rocket

A study by the Minnesota Department of Health found that employees working in a dirty office were likely to have a performance loss of 3-8%, becoming lethargic and unmotivated.

The study also found employees had a 2-6% drop in memory, typing, math, decision-making and creative skills when the office had not been cleaned.

Remember the old saying, “A tidy space creates a tidy mind.” There’s a reason for that, as messy environments create feelings of unease and can throw employee focus right out the window.

  1. First Impressions Count

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A good first impression is essential for building strong relationships between a business and it’s clients.

Would you trust a sales rep that pitched their services to you if they were dressed in a stained suit, un-brushed hair and smelled like cigarettes, stale coffee and mould? No you wouldn’t, and your office space wouldn’t be any different.

Make sure you put your best foot forward and create an environment that impresses your clients, rather than turn them off.

  1. A Healthy Office is a Happy Office

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Dust and mould are responsible for a number of illnesses and allergies, and the dirtier your office and carpet are the more likely your staff will be ill.

According the Sydney Morning Herald in 2014, sick days costed Australian businesses approximately $33,000,000,000 nationwide.

Regular professional floor cleaning of your office space and carpets will be your best step in preventing the haemorrhaging of money on a preventable expense.

  1. Ensure Your Office Carpet Lasts Longer

You get your car serviced, your health checked and muscles massaged, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a caring touch for your office’s carpet will help it last longer.

Carpets don’t come cheap, and spending company resources on a new carpet for your office is a cost better spent elsewhere.

Focus your time and your efforts on developing your business, and let the carpet cleaning professionals take care of your carpets.

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