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Professional Pest Control Services Versus Do-it-Yourself

Licensed Pest Control and Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

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Published: 28/07/2016

Homeowners like to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Putting the old tool belt around the waist and doing repairs and other chores is a great way of showing love for the home. Usually, weekends are spent fixing leaks, painting, and replacing worn-out lighting fixtures. But there are tasks that need professional help. These include electrical, ceiling, roofing, and gutter works.

You should add pest control to the list.

Professional pest control services versus do-it-yourself

It’s easy to step on the occasional cockroach, use bug spray, and set traps for trespassing vermin. But pest control is all about decimating the ranks. Your home will always invite unwanted guests and if you don’t keep their population under control it will become a serious infestation. And let’s not forget the dreaded termite!

Do-it-Yourself tactics only provide short-term solutions and will not address the larger problem at hand. For one thing, commercially available pesticides are not strong enough to eliminate the vast majority of the population. Cockroaches multiply very fast and breed anywhere there is moisture. Even if you spray or lay pellets in one area, they will find new areas to breed. Second, you are probably not knowledgeable about the chemicals used in the pesticide. Sure you can research on the Internet but there may not be sufficient information to ensure the safety of everyone in the house.

Professional pest control service providers are a better option if you are serious of ridding your home of these vile, disease-causing creatures.

1. Pest Control Companies Have Experience

These professionals will not storm inside your home like “Rambo” or Chuck Norris and blast every area with pesticide. The first thing they will do is survey your home and assess where the roots of the problem are located. Then they will advise you of repairs and procedures that need to be done in your home to restrict access from pests and rodents. Finally, they will discuss their plans to keep the population of pests under control. The professionals will share their approach, choice of chemicals, and timetable to conduct their services.

2. Expertise offered by professionals

Professional pest control companies have been doing these for years. They have handled different types of pest problems including large-scale infestation. Since this is their enterprise, the professionals make sure they are updated on the latest techniques and methodologies in pest control. When they visit your home and make an assessment, it’s not a trial and error exercise. They know exactly where to go, what to look for and have the appropriate questions to ask.

3. Professional Equipment to help you get rid of pests

Have you ever seen the aftermath of a neighborhood fumigation schedule? Step outside your house after an hour and witness pest wasteland. Hundreds of cockroaches and insects lie on the pavement; convulsing, nerves deadened by powerful chemicals, stiffening up and awaiting death’s final call. That’s how the professionals work. They have the equipment, tools, and chemicals to get the job done right. Most likely, the chemicals they will use for your home will not be the same used for the neighborhood. But these will still be more powerful than store-bought pesticides. The professionals will ask you to vacate your home for a few hours until the areas are cleared of chemicals.

4. Efficient and long lasting results

Pest control services only need to be conducted once a month. Some homes have it scheduled only twice a year because the neighborhood has monthly fumigation services. Regular pest control services also complement your Do-it-Yourself tactics because the professionals have eradicated a significant percentage of the population. You will spray less often and save more on your monthly housekeeping budget. Plus, if you followed their advice on preventive measures, your home should have fewer access points and less than ideal conditions for breeding.

A few things to keep in mind before hiring professional pest control services:

  • Check with your service provider if they have certifications from reputable agencies such as the Australian Pest Control Association or APCA. This ensures that the service provider has kept informed about all of the latest developments in the pest control industry.
  • Confirm with the service provider that they have a service warranty. If the initial schedule does not result in visible results, ask the service provider to do another survey and perform another service.
  • Set the schedule. Before undertaking pest control, check first with your village association if they have a fumigation schedule. Second, check with your neighbors if they have pest control services scheduled.

This is important because when pest control services are conducted, these pests will scurry off to the nearest homes. It may result in an infestation problem with your neighbors and make you the most hated homeowner in the village!

Finally, make sure the pest control schedule is set days before an important event like a dinner. You wouldn’t want a cockroach to drop from the ceiling and onto your dining table while your guests are eating.

There is nothing wrong with Do-it-Yourself tactics. Anything that you can do to eliminate pests is always a good thing. But do not disregard the benefits of using a professional pest control company.

Here, at Carpet Surgeon, we offer more than just carpet cleaning services for Gold Coast. Our experts can also help you with professional pest control services. Get in touch with us and ask for your free quote or advice.