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The Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

Licensed Pest Control and Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

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Published: 27/03/2019

Hot water extraction works by pushing highly heated water into the carpet, forcing dirt to the surface where it will be vacuumed away.

The Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

  • Good for allergy and asthma sufferers because we only use water
  • Safe for children, pets and the environment
  • No chemical residue once the treatment is complete
  • Works even with thick, deep carpeting

You’d be forgiven for thinking that carpet cleaning Gold Coast side is pretty straightforward, but that’s where you are wrong – there are actually three recognised ways of doing this.

One of these methods, however, is making waves on the carpet-cleaning scene and it’s one we at The Carpet Surgeon have adopted because of the excellent end result. It’s hot water extraction (HWE).

Besides carpet cleaning, Gold Coast householders can also book hot water extraction for upholstered furnishings such as sofas and couches.

What is HWE?

Water is mixed with gentle detergents and heated in the equipment’s water compartment. The cleaning products used are child-friendly and kind to the environment.
The liquid is injected under high pressure directly onto the stained spots in the carpet pile. This dislodges the dirt particles, making them easier to clean. We also apply a chemical that will soften up and degrease the stains even further. The machine is used again to extract up to 95% of the moisture back along with all the grime contained within the carpet.

DIY – don’t try this at home
There are rental carpet cleaners that use HWE but these aren’t advised as they have a weaker suction and aren’t able to gather surface dirt as efficiently before heat. The drying power is weaker too and will leave the carpet damp for days on end, which leads to mould growth and an unpleasant, pervading “wet dog” smell. ome of the rented equipment out there has a much weaker drying power than its professional counterpart.

Beating steam cleaning
With steam cleaning the water needs to reach the boiling point in order to evaporate. This can be a problem since steam can set in non-removable water stains after the treatment. Unlike hot water extraction, steam cleaning cannot be combined with any detergents, which is why it is unable to rinse the carpet fibres as thoroughly. Steam cleaning is not suitable for carpets made of natural fabrics since the steam can shrink the fabric or even leave visible signs of damage.

Putting it out to dry cleaning
This is designed for refreshing delicate fabrics that are vulnerable to water. Great because there is little water involved, but this isn’t an efficient stain remover because it only refreshes the top layer. It is a pricey option due to the expensive equipment and cleaning powder used. There’s a risk too of the powder spreading onto furniture and other household goods.

HWE is simply the best carpet cleaning Gold Coast homes could hope for. Call us on: 5502 9217 or 07 5502 9217.

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