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The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Office Spaces

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Published: 24/08/2023

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Carpets form a significant part of the interior environment in many commercial office buildings. However, hidden health risks can outweigh their benefits without proper maintenance. 

Daily foot traffic sees carpeted areas accumulate dirt and allergens harbouring bacteria and viruses. Vacuuming alone does little to dislodge deeply embedded sources of poor indoor air quality and potential illness. This is where regularly scheduled commercial carpet cleaning service delivers clear workplace advantages through improved hygiene, refreshed aesthetics and risk prevention.

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we have seen it all when it comes to office and commercial carpets. Read on to discover more about why you should clean your commercial carpets. 

Importance of Clean Carpets in Office Environments

Clean commercial carpets are crucial for maintaining good indoor air quality in office environments. Dust, pollutants and microbes accumulate daily on office carpets from foot traffic. 

These contaminants recirculate in the air without regular cleaning by professional commercial cleaning services. According to a study, dirty carpets harbouring dust mites are among the most significant causes of reduced indoor air quality. Poor air quality leads to symptoms like drowsiness and fatigue, which impacts productivity.

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Vacuuming alone does not remove deeply embedded dirt in commercial carpets. Conventionally, cleaning offices relied upon periodic vacuuming, which needs to be improved to sanitise carpets.

Vacuums can stir up 40% more allergen particles than they collect. Regular carpet cleaning utilising hot water extraction and agitation is recommended to remove over 97% of contaminants from office carpet fibres. Only a professional carpet cleaning machine, industrial cleaning products, and steam cleaning can reach places vacuums cannot and has a drying time fast enough for commercial operations.

The benefits of commercial carpet cleaning services for air quality, wellness and productivity make regular professional cleaning services an important investment for workplaces.

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for Offices

Walking on clean carpets rather than dirty ones decreases exposure to the contaminants that can worsen respiratory issues like asthma. Professional commercial carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction to deep clean carpets without residue. This process removes substances that cause odour and stains over time.

Opting for routine professional carpet cleaning services like steam cleaning prevents the accumulation of bacteria, fungi and dust mites in carpets. These microscopic organisms thrive in accumulated grime and can increase the risk of upper respiratory illnesses, sore throats and skin irritations. 

Commercial carpet cleaners remove allergens that cause sneezing, coughing and watery eyes during work hours. This improves employee health, comfort and productivity, promoting a healthier environment overall.

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Regular professional carpet cleaning extends the lifespan of flooring assets. Dirt causes premature wear of carpet fibres, which shortens replacement times. A commercial carpet cleaning company uses techniques and equipment that are less abrasive to maintain carpet appearances longer. This saves long-term flooring budgets and avoids costly pre-mature replacements.

Another one of the top benefits of carpet cleaning is that aesthetically fresh, clean carpets boost workplace morale and creativity. Employees and clients respond better to well-maintained, hygienic surroundings. 

Stain-free carpets provide a professional first impression for any commercial business or office building. Overall, routine professional commercial carpet cleaning delivers multiple financial and wellness benefits that yield a positive return on investment.

Potential Health Risks Of Carpet Neglect

Without adequate cleaning, office carpets become predominantly a breeding ground for microbes that can threaten employee health. Regular carpet cleaning removes contaminants hiding within fibres, increasing the chances of staff taking sick days and long-term absenteeism. Studies show dirt collects exponentially on dully lit, heavily used soft floor coverings, requiring professional-level extraction to sanitise thoroughly. 

A quick vacuum will often spread more dirt around, potentially causing workers to spend more money on healthcare in the long run.

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So, What Is The Recommended Cleaning Frequency?

Professionals advise cleaning regularly to enjoy the ongoing benefits of clean carpeting without health or presentational risks. The more employees and customers coming through a business each day means more soil tracked onto carpets. Failing to remove accumulated grime and dust allows microbes to multiply unchecked.

Most experts agree offices with moderate traffic need cleaning every 3-6 months, while high-use spaces like reception areas require attention every 2-3 months. This interval stops dirt from settling into fibres, which causes premature wear and stains over time. Removing contaminants on a routine schedule also helps inhibit associated absenteeism related to indoor triggers.

Vacuuming between professional cleans saves time and improves the appearance but does not eliminate deep-set bacteria or provide necessary hygiene. Hiring cleaning every 90-180 days or as seasonal changes demand removes this responsibility from staff while safeguarding health. The upfront cost averts greater long-term costs like extra sick days and losing customers due to an unclean environment.

Professional deep extraction combined with hot water reaches 98% of dirt lodged in carpeting and other soft furnishings like curtains or upholstery harbouring allergens. Consistent servicing protects initial investments in flooring and furniture, extending usable lifespans for years of continued quality service to employees and patrons. Proactive cleaning delivers benefits justifying its expense many times over.

Call Your Local Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts

Upholding clean carpets through professional servicing delivers a range of financial and employee wellness benefits any commercial business can appreciate. From promoting better productivity to extending initial flooring investments, the regular expertise of a reputable local cleaning company safeguards air quality, health standards and first impressions in an occupationally important workspace. 

To learn more about customised commercial carpet cleaning solutions or to schedule a free, no-obligation quote, contact the experienced team at The Carpet Surgeon today.